Clinical information

Clinical Massage Therapy and Integrated Body Work

Clinical Massage therapy and Integrated body work is an assessment and treatment method. It therefore seeks to restore or maintain optimal health by working on the external body to enhance organic function and may include the prescription of exercises to compliment this.

Laura's role is to asses the effects of the individuals condition,  to build on the person’s abilities to overcome their problems, encourage them to relearn new techniques and adapt the environment to increase independence. Modern rehabilitation techniques include setting realistic and achievable aims and objectives.

Management and treatment for neurological conditions

Laura treats many conditions which affect the nervous system such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntingdon's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Brain or Spinal Injury. These can have an impact on how a person moves such as weakness of limbs, stiffness and contractures, pain, reduced control and co-ordination. These can make function and independence more challenging.

Management and treatment for musculoskeletal pain

This area of therapy focuses on problems primarily caused by conditions which affect the joints and muscles of the body, causing pain, stiffness, weakness and loss of function. 


Mobility can be improved with hydrotherapy because people are able to perform activities in the pool that they are unable to perform on dry land. The support of the water and the reduced fear of falling can aid mobility practice. Exercises against the resistance of water and dynamic exercises within the water can also improve muscle strength, balance and co-ordination.

Hydrotherapy can be used to speed up the recovery of patients that are unable to weight-bear or can only partially weight-bear following surgery or injury, by increasing range of movement and maintaining muscle strength.

Hydrotherapy is a very versatile treatment that is used to treat a huge variety of patients with a range of abilities and rehabilitation goals.

Individual Assessment and Treatment

Assessment and advice is tailored specifically to you and your goals, and treatment will be of the highest clinical standard, whether that be for an acute injury, a more long-standing issue, or provide advice on avoiding recurrent problems or managing a condition in the longer-term. 

Treatment is based on the best current evidence available, whilst providing information and advice as required, enabling you to understand and therefore manage your condition to the best of your ability.

Treatment is based on individual needs, and can be given either regularly, or in blocks of more intense treatment or occasionally.