About Laura

Laura Williams is considered a specialist in her field, working with both adults and children of all ages. She specialises in the management and treatment of musculo-skeletal pain and neurological conditions, with a specific clinical interest in brain injury rehabilitation. She also works on a consultancy basis for Brain Injury Wales LTD.

Laura is a professional registered clinical massage therapist and integrated body worker used to working in a clinical environment with experience of working with many medical conditions.

Her role is to asses the patients needs and conditions, work with the individual and their team to build on their abilities, to overcome their problems, to relearn new techniques and adapt their environment to increase independence using modern rehabilitation techniques and to include setting realistic and achievable aims and objectives in order for them to achieve their potential.

She studied Clinical massage and integrated body work at the Clare Maxwell-Hudson School of Massage, London, where she gained her early clinical skills at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney. 

Laura is a member of the Massage Training Institute and the General Council of Massage Therapy.